My skin all over my body has been excruciatingly itchy for the past two weeks and has gotten gradually worse over the last few days. My midwives drew blood last week and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. Since the itching has gotten so bad, they drew blood again and said they think it's cholestasis.

The Mayo Clinic has on their website that cholestasis is just annoying to the mother but can be harmful to the babies! As a twin mom, I'm at higher risk for it too. I'm anxiously awaiting the blood results today, because I may end up needing to be induced sooner rather than later for the sake of the babies!

Has anyone had experience with this itching/cholestasis phenomenon? Lotions, showers, benadryl - nothing works. I am scratching myself raw and I honestly can't help it. It's so disruptive that I'm not sleeping more than 1.5-2 hours at a time!