I'm an AMA mama & it took us almost 1yr to conceive DD, so that is at least half of my driving force in trying to accept we are probably one & done, but I do have other personal feelings about how this is probably the right choice for us, too. I'm not 100% convinced of my feelings, but I have been selling off the larger baby items we had for DD & while I was fine with clearing that stuff out a little at a time, I find myself today feeling sad & a bit regretful about only ntnp & wasting time that we could've conceived a 2nd baby. I learned today in a play group that one mama is having twins (which will give them 4 under 4!), another mama whose LO is my DD's age is newly pregnant, and a family member is expecting. I didn't expect to be so envious, but I had to fight back a tear & lump in my throat. I guess I'm just venting, but curious how other mamas have felt about "just" having one when other families around you are growing--and sometimes quickly. Our LO is the light of our lives & all we could've asked for in a child, but part of me does want to be pregnant again & have a sibling for her.