Did any of you have a baby who was meh/uninterested in the pacifier at first but eventually grew to love it?

My first LOVED his paci and I know it saved us on many occasions in the first couple years. He took to a Soothie right away and we never looked back. DD on the other hand seems to be a different story. She is EBF, 2 weeks old, and we’ve been trying to introduce a Soothie since the hospital. It mostly elicits maybe two sucks and a total look of confusion. Yesterday I went out and got a mam and an avent ortho. She shot the mam out of her mouth without even a suck and she’ll take the avent and give it a few sucks, but definitely seems “meh” about it. We have not introduced a bottle yet, which I think after this experience we should try sooner than later. This little girl seems to have more definite opinions than her brother did, yikes!

Do you think she’ll eventually take to it, or are we SOL?