Did you ask your family and friends to get vaccinated before coming to see the new born?

My dr. recommended that we ask all family & friends who plan to see the newborn to get their tdap (especially because we've had some whopping cough deaths in the metro area this past year).

I've already told my family and told the hubs to tell his family. (my family is 100% on board with it and gave me no problems. I cant imagine his family giving us any grief over this either).

I'm not sure how comfortable I am telling my friends though. We are one of the first couples in our group of friends to have a baby, and I don't think anyone really knows much about all of the risks and etiquette's.

I don't want ppl to get "offended" that I ask them to get vaccinated if they want to see the baby, but at the same time, I don't want them coming over (especially in the first few weeks) if they arent.....

Is it normal for new parents to ask their friends to get vaccinated? If you asked your friends, how were their reactions? I know some of my friends are going to roll their eyes, and worse, not get vaccinated and just come over anyway. Thinking about that happening really annoys the hell out of me.