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Asking friends to get vaccinated before coming to see the baby

  1. LittleFox

    kiwi / 673 posts

    I only had visits from vaccinated people during the first several weeks. I mentioned it to my friends and most were already up to date anyway. Our baby was born in the winter, in a bad flu season, and there have been some whooping couvh cases here, so we were careful. I also know someone whose baby caught it from an adult who was not yet showing signs while at a family function, which made me want to be extra cautious after hearing how rough that was.

  2. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    We asked all family to get the tdap because I almost died from whooping cough as an infant and I didn't want to put my LO's at risk. I didn't ask friends though. Most of them didn't visit often until they were 3 months old and I wasn't AS worried.

  3. lemondrop

    bananas / 9118 posts

    @brownie: Same- if anyone wanted to visit the baby early on, it was flu shot and TDAP or they had to wait 6-8 weeks. We had a January baby, so we were very careful with potential illness.

    My SIL had preemie twins the year before, so anyone that mattered had no problem with it since they had done it the year before too.

  4. Pink Champagne

    clementine / 943 posts

    It was not cold and flu seasons when LO was born (August). We did not ask anyone other than the grandparents to make sure their tdap shot was up to date. I think it's super extreme to make your friends do the same.
    But, I was that mom who handed her newborn around to whoever wanted to hold him, and didn't care if people had washed their hands or not. My kiddo got maybe one cold his first three months of life, but boo hoo, that's born to happen- cant keep them in a bubble. However, had he been born in the middle of winter I might have been more insistent. Flu germs are no joke, and there's much more of that icky stuff floating around in the middle of winter.

  5. Suzimo

    cherry / 132 posts

    we have friends who asked everyone to get tdap as well as flu shot before seeing there baby. I had both of those recently so it wasn't a problem, but many friends didn't see their baby for a while bc of this and many thought it was a bit over the top. I think i would just ask my parents who will be around a lot.

  6. evenstar982

    apricot / 284 posts

    Just a thought, as obviously things are different here in the UK, but here expecting mothers are offered the Whooping Cough vaccine at 28-38 weeks and this gives the baby immunity - at least until they are old enough to get the vaccine themselves which I think is at around 2 months old...
    Can you opt to get a vaccine yourself before LO arrives and pass on your immunity if you're worried?

  7. petunia354

    pomegranate / 3863 posts

    My LO was born 6 weeks early right in the middle of flu season and although the NICU nurses/doctors struck the fear of god in us about not bringing him out in public, they never suggested that we ask people to get vaccinated. My mom watches him everyday and we didn't ask her to get vaccinated. Should we have? Yeah, probably, but we would never ask friends to do it.

  8. JerricaBenton

    pomegranate / 3872 posts

    It was flu season when LO was born. My parents and brother (and DH of course) all got Whooping cough vaccine and flu shot but I wouldn't have asked friends. I only had one close friend visit when she was very young though. I would rather just wait on visitors than ask friends to be vaccinated. Unless it's a sister-like best friend who will be around all the time - it's just too much to ask IMO.

  9. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    I talked to my OB office about this because LO will be born during during flu season. They told me that anyone who has a lot of contact with baby should get it, but for casual visitors it wasn't necessary. I was also concerned because my mom has a sensitivity to eggs and I'm not sure she's going to be able to get it, and she'll be coming to stay with us for a little while. The nurse said then to just have her wash her hands a lot and practice good hygiene around the baby, and of course not come near if she's sick.

    I will definitely not be asking friends to get either vaccine. I really like @TurtleDoves: suggestion to swaddle the baby and then replace the blanket after the person is done holding them.


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