DS is 6 weeks and has reflux. It took us nearly a month before his nurse and Dr. believed us. (Though most of that I blame on the nurse because I don't think she told his Dr everything we told her. I have never liked that nurse.) They got a sono for Pyloric Reflux (which is surgical) and luckily he tested negative so they put him on reflux meds. This was a week ago. It worked amazingly well. He started actually sleeping vs screaming all night/day. He spits up less too.

Here is the problem, the only thing not solved by these meds? He screams in pain most feedings. I can hear his stomach bubbling and he starts screaming. I mentioned gas to his Ped but he said that babies don't get gas THIS badly and predictably. It has gotten to the point that I listen to his belly as he starts eating. If I hear it bubbling, it is going to be a long screaming feeding. If I don't, it will be short and sweet. I have gotten used to the screaming as if that's just how babies eat but I know it isn't.

Honestly, I don't know what else to do. He is on meds but he still hurts.