I have been on this site for months but never signed up before. I was so excited to read about everyone's journeys and especially all the Infertility/TTC/Birth Stories that I felt I was finally somewhere I could relate with people that understood. After some time I looked up Autism as my 8 year old has it and was surprised that not many posts came up. I searched special needs and same thing, very limited posts. I felt a little bad to be honest since I love this place so much and wanted to be able to fully 100% relate. I wanted to be able to follow others that are dealing with what we are somewhat dealing with. I wanted to read about others and I wanted to know that I am not alone. I am disappointed but I understand that not many people would share this and I have other blogs for that BUT nonetheless I'm disappointed.
I want others to know that Autism is not as bad as it sounds. Autism is different for every family, for every child but nonetheless it is not all bad. I still hear awful stories about Autism and I just want everyone to know that it is not all awful. There are bad moments but there are also great moments just as with any other diagnosis, just as with any other problem your child might encounter. Just like any typical human you will face the best and the worst. I focus on the best and that's what keeps me going. My son might have delays and problems but he has grown to teach me that we do no fail, we simply are given opportunities to try again. Please know that I understand, I'm in this journey without a map or a guide but in this journey no one is left behind. You're stronger than you think and you CAN DO THIS! Hugs to all the special parents, please know things get better.