I am taking upon myself to start a board for Mamas who gave birth Sept-November (or were expected to and came a teeny bit early or late. I know there are not many of us yet but i look forward to a growing list. Here is a little meet and greet sheet:

Baby's Birthday: September 7th, 2012
Baby's name: Tor Edward McCarthy
Breastfeeding or Bottle feeding (no judgement): Breastfeeding
Baby's Birth weight: 8lb, 7oz
Biggest Reward: Just gazing upon my sweet baby and cuddling. Thinking of all we wil do together.
Biggest Challenge: Sleep deprivation and some aspects of breastfeeding. I also worry about him often and can see how i will now just worry all the time. thats what happens when you love someone this much. it has also been a challenge for my husband to bond with him. He feels sad that he doesn't need him as much and cries for me more. We are gonna try pumping and bottle feedings. I hope it improves.

Post a photo or two of your baby here: