Trying to figure out if my son is on the later side of speech. He is 15 months old and his receptive language is amazing. He points to things, uses a few baby signs and understands and takes most directions I give him. He still isn't super verbal though. He says : Bath, Nose, No, Wow, Dada and down. He doesn't use words often but he does use them in context when he issues tem most of the time. He says momma when he is fussy so I am not sure if e means me or not. He also makes a moo sound for cow when he picks up his cow puzzle piece and a EEee sound for the goat when he picks that up. He says Mum mum for yum yum when he feeds his stuffed animals pretend food or drinks or plays yea party with me. He can sign more, milk, water, all done, shoes, flower, and water. If I ask him to do itsy bitsy spider he makes a spider with his hand and little bunny foo foo an he makes bouncing bunny ears. He points p his toes when I ask where his piggies are and he finds his lovey of I ask him to. I guess I am just wondering when our toddler boys used words and how many they are using or used? The DVD I have Valle baby babble says that boys tend to speak later than girls so that's why I keeping it boy central.