I want to get a baby carrier but there are so many and I don't want to buy a bunch of things I won't use. Looking for recommendations from baby wearing experts!

It will be winter when baby comes, so I'm thinking I won't do a lot of carrying outside... probably more around the house. For that reason, I'm drawn to the K'tan. I don't want something with complicated wrapping, so it seems like a good solution. However, I'm REALLY confused on the sizing because the reviews seem pretty split between people my size who wore either a size small or x-small. It says to choose based on your pre-preg weight, which according to their chart, would probably be an x-small for me. But what if I don't lose the weight right away? Anyone have any experience wearing a small or x-small or trying both?

I am also interested in the Lillebaby since I've heard lots of good things. I'm thinking that will be better than the k'tan for walks outside of the house, and will last longer/grow with baby a bit more. Any recommendations for the Lillebaby? Is it good for wearing around the house too, or too bulky? If it works well for every stage and indoor/outdoor, I might just forget the K'tan... especially because I'd like to be able to share it with my husband.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!