I'm 26.5 weeks and the past couple days the baby suddenly feels totally different in the way he's moving. Before the kicks were fairly gentle, could feel them under my hand since week 18, like little air bubbles. Now it feels like he's turned sideways/transverse because I can feel his actual feet on my side... and his kicks (or punches) feel waaaay stronger and have actually been making me jump! When I put my hand on my belly it feels like he's punching me right in the hand... almost like twitchy/jerky kind of feelings. It's hard to describe but feels totally different and I can also see TONS of waves and movement when I look at my stomach now.. like he's constantly turning and rolling and going wild in there.

Did anyone else feel such a sudden change in how the baby felt or feel freaked out by it? I feel silly getting startled but some of the movements seriously feel like he's about to push right through my skin! I also worry about him being on his side and maybe that's why he's going nuts in there... if he can't move into the position he needs to be in. Clearly having lots of irrational FTM thoughts!!