My LO is 8 weeks old and I'm wondering at what point he might start following a bit of a sleep schedule with naps and bedtime. Right now I can't really choose when he naps. Sometimes he just passes out while feeding and falls asleep (even though I was trying for an EASY pattern!), sometimes one nap will just flow into the next with eating in between, sometimes he'll resist naps for hours on end even though he's clearly tired. Then when it comes to "bedtime" I never really know when bedtime is. For example, last night around 10 he fed but was so tired he only took a bit and then passed out. I thought he might do a good stretch then, but he woke up at 11 and seemed hungry so I thought then he'd take a full feed and go to sleep. But he again just took a small amount and also was NOT sleepy and suddenly awake! Then finally went down around midnight and woke up every 3 hours to feed as usual.

Just wondering if veteran moms can share if they went through something similar and if your baby started following a bit more of a predictable schedule at some point? I would just love for him to be able to do a long stretch when we go to bed or at least longer, but I never really know what he'll decide to do.