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Baby Shower Gifts: Registry Neglected

  1. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    Wow a lot of you got a lot off your registry!

    I would say about 10% of our gifts came off our registry. Luckily some of them were big items like car seat, bouncer, swing, pack n play. Most people gave us clothes & books and money. We're having a boy and I was surprised with how many clothes we received.

  2. elise626

    olive / 50 posts

    We have a boy, and got maybe 15% of our registry, at best. The registry stuff we did get was nice though (carseat, swing, ergo, A+A blankets) and our family got us the crib, stroller, changing table, glider. At the shower, we got mostly clothes, stuffed animals (ugh!), books, diapers and gift certificates. I have to say though, some of the best presents were off-registry (beautiful personalize things from Pottery Barn kids, handmade blankets, boutique baby clothes).

  3. meganmp

    persimmon / 1420 posts

    We got the majority of our registry, but perhaps because we were team green?


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