How did you decide who to include on an invite list for any showers you had? Did you mix groups of people, or have separate showers?

We have some close friends who are throwing us a shower in October in the town we live in. I have to give them an invite list soon and I'm struggling to try and decide how many people I want them to invite and how close we should be with them. One of my friends is telling me to invite everyone we know, regardless of how close we are, but I don't want to appear gift-grabby.

And, should we have our parents come up for the shower? They live an hour and a half away. I've gotten the impression from my stepmom that she doesn't think they should attend since it's our friends and they won't know anyone ... so should we leave both of our parents out of this shower? There aren't any plans of them throwing us a shower, so if they don't come to this shower, they won't be participating in one at all.