My SIL is throwing me a baby shower. So sweet of her!! Since she is the first to offer, and from out of town, I'm letting her take the lead, obviously, and I am grateful for any shower thrown for me.

B/c my family and friends live all over, she is planning to invite both sides of DH's family, my mom would probably be only one from my family (I have a small family who mostly lives way too far away), and then she wants me to invite friends to this one (which I am fine with - she basically wants this to be my friend shower, with some family there).

I am so grateful, but can't help stressing about how this could be an awkward group! I know you can't have like 8 baby showers for separate groups, but this seems so random to have both sides of DH's family, my mom, and my friends from various points in life... Did anyone else have a bunch of different groups at one shower? Was it awkward?