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Baby Teeth: What do you do with them?

  1. irene

    nectarine / 2964 posts

    @mamabolt: HAHAHHAHA. Dang. I should keep the teeth in case DS marries someone I didn't like (lol) I'll give her a box of his teeth, hair, finger nails...etc. 😂But also not a good idea in case the future wife knows black magic (as these items contain DS' DNA )

    What did your mom do with the teeth ?

    @Lindsay05: Oh man, now I am tempted to go through my trash and find those teeth I threw away lol. OK no i am not gonna do that, but this is a graceful way to keep the teeth!

  2. mamabolt

    nectarine / 2797 posts

    @irene: ha I think she threw them away the second my grandma's back was turned.

  3. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    Toss em.


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