Title pretty much says it—my almost five week old will NOT sleep in the bassinet. She only wants to be held, and mainly by me. She will only tolerate someone else holding her briefly before crying. She also wants to nurse constantly still. She’s gaining weight well and looks great, according to the pedi. So I guess this is a phase.

Not so much looking for advice, because I’ve tried literally everything—different swaddles, no swaddle, waiting 20-plus minutes after she falls asleep to transfer, pacifier, warming up the bassinet, etc. etc. At this point I can finally get maybe an hour of her in there at the beginning of the night, but that’s it.

ANYWAY, commiseration is appreciated, and/or reassurance that it will get better. We went through this briefly with my son, but by this point he was sleeping way better...in the Rock and Play. I’m not doing that again. I will sleep again someday, right? Because I’m getting about three broken hours a day and I’m so tired 😫