Eazy Eatz, a gluten free bakery, has recently opened up in Lincoln, NE and has be a big hit for those who are on a Gluten free diet.

About 4 weeks ago I was told I have a wheat allergy and was recommended to switch to a GF diet. I WAS DEVASTATED! There are somethings that I can eat that others who suffer from a gluten intolerance or celiac disease cant, with that in mind I am pretty lucky.

I heard about Eazy Eatz over the the radio as we listened to the HS football game and I decided I was going there tomorrow. The next day I arrived when they opened and they were PACKED! They couldn't even get the product on the shelf. People were boxing it up and taking it home fresh out of the oven. I shyly sampled some bread and left.

Today I ballsed up and went in to picked up some bread. What I came out with was a spread of goodies! I'm talking fresh home made cookies, bread, chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling and frosting, blue berry muffins, spice donuts with vanilla frosting, bread, garlic cheese sticks. They also were making fresh cinnamon rolls as I was leaving with my arms full.

They are super friendly and have made such a HUGE impact in the Gluten Free/celiac community. One mom started crying when I was there, she told me that her 7 year old daughter just had her first cupcake EVER thanks to them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Eazy Eatz <---ha like you didn't already know that

NOTE THIS: I will never buy another box of Betty Crocker GF mix, & I will never buy another freezer burnt, shriveled up, loaf of bread from the grocery store. EVER. AGAIN!

Do you have bakeries like this in your area that are 100% Gluten free or that cater to special needs or diets?

Please check out and support your small local businesses, they are the ones who care the most.

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