Hi all! My 10 month old has outgrown her infant car seat. I got her the same convertible car seat that her older sister has (Britax Marathon Clicktight) for our regular use but I want to get a cheapie (but of course safe) seat that her grandparents and nanny can use in a pinch if they need to take her anywhere. I did the same for my older daughter and we got her the Evenflo SureRide to use. I was going to do the same car seat for my 10 month old since I remember doing research on it and finding it to be a safe but cheap option for a backup car seat that is light and does not need a base for installation so it’s easy to switch around for different cars. However, I’m curious if people have had luck with any other car seats that I should consider? One complaint I’ve seen online is that the Evenflo is hard to install rear facing bc there is no level to confirm proper installation. This is less of an issue for forward installation. I don’t recall grandparents complaining about this issue but Since my younger child will be rear facing for at least another year and I don’t want it to be a challenge for our nanny (who occasionally drives her to the park or library), I’m curious if there are other options to consider. Requirements: safe (of course), rear and forward facing, light, preferable can be used with no base, easy install, and under $100 (if possible). Could do a little over. Thank you!