This may not be the right board, but whatever.

First off, my husband and I are long distance from our entire families, and both of our families are pretty large.

We are planning on doing birth announcements mainly for my husband's extended family, none of whom are on Facebook or even really online (no email). Then I figured we should also do my few extended family members that aren't online... which then spiraled into ALL of the extended family members in the generation above me (aunts and uncles) because I didn't want some people to get them and some people not and therefore cause some kind of offense. In total, between his and my extended family (of the older, not-online generation) it's about 50 birth announcements.

However I want to draw the line at including extended family members of my generation, mainly my cousins. I have over 30 cousins and I really don't think that any of them care about getting a little postcard with baby pictures to put up on their fridge. Between the cost of the announcements, the postage, the organizing, and the paper usage..... it's just.... eh.

What do you think? What did you decide?