The organization I work for recently hired a new president (my second level manager). In two months half of his direct reports have left and now he’s starting to engage with people at my level. My boss (who I loved working with) is gone with no replacement yet and we all believe at least one if not both of the other people who reported to her are on the chopping block. I appear to be safe. But if I’m the lone survivor or one of two survivors from our leadership group I can’t imagine the culture will be positive for me/us. I’ve been looking for something new but covid economy and all... I’ve also been thinking about walking away and being a full time mom for a little while to DD who is 10 months old (which would work for our family cash-wise with a small amount of belt tightening). Just wondering if anyone had been through anything similar and how you navigated the situation. The new president seems like someone I don’t want to work for so I’m not planning to stay long term, just wondering if I should end it now.