Hello, all. I’m currently 22 weeks, and have noticed three times this week that I’ve had cramping similar to period cramps for the first time since early in my first trimester. It’s always just been one cramp that lasts for a few minutes and then goes. I wouldn’t worry about it but I’m high risk for preterm delivery due to cervical issues, so pretty much anything unusual makes me twitchy. Could this be Braxton Hicks? Everything I’ve read says they show up as painless tightening of the belly, but this is def uncomfortable and pretty isolated low in my pelvis even though I’m regularly getting kicked at and above my belly button. For my sanity I’d really like to not go in to see my doctor if it’s nothing—I just got discharged from once a week high risk appointments in mid July and it’s so nice not to hear about all the things that could go wrong constantly.