My LO is 4.5mo. I know they say to start sleep training with bedtime but can I start with naps? My LO takes crap naps, 30-50 min but usually 30min. The last couple days I’ve put him in his swing around his nap time and it worked a couple times with barely any tears. He also slept for over an hour all three times that it worked. Yesterday when I did it for his last nap he cried quite a bit, wasn’t sure if I should let him cry or not. He used to hate his swing so this is a step forward. If I’m doing nap training and use the swing is this ok? Or should I just be putting him in his crib? I really like the swing bc he slept much longer in it compared to his usual cat naps.

Also, don’t know if I’m ready to sleep train at bedtime yet bc we currently cosleep and I don’t want to confuse him. Or is it ok to sleep train while co sleeping then switch to crib later?