My husband keeps a very messy car. It's mostly garbage (empty drink bottles, food wrappers, yogurt containers etc) that has accumulated which he only empties/cleans up when he pumps gas every few weeks. None of the mess is from our toddler, because we never give her any drinks or snacks in the car.

He has gotten better since having a baby to drive around (as I have talked to him a few times about how she can be hurt by flying garbage in an accident - especially the empty glass bottles) but his car still gets pretty cluttered from time to time. I am the complete opposite where there is zero garbage and clutter in my car. If I eat or drink anything, I always take the container with me to throw out once I'm getting out of my car. I realize I am a little OCD about this in my own car, but I feel bad sometimes when I look in his back seat and realize how gross it gets on the floor in the back seat - my poor DD has to sit back there!

Has anyone else had this issue? Is this normal and I'm just being a crazy pants? Do you have any tips for helping to keep a cleaner car?