Just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something here. The logistics of three are starting to make me panic a little.
I have a 2015 Sienna, which certainly makes things easier.

Oldest child (age 5.5) is forward facing in a harnessed Chicco MyFit. No immediate plans to switch her to booster.

Middle child (age 2) is rear facing in a Chicco Nextfit. Will rear face until at least age 3.

Infant (due in October) will be in a chicco keyfit.

I'm thinking I will put the older two in the middle row captain's chairs. Put the baby in the 3rd row, single seat. That way we can still leave the double seat folded down for transporting stuff.

So far my oldest is resistant to sitting by herself, and can't buckle herself all of the time into her seat (she's getting better, but has trouble loosening the straps or if anything is twisted at all). I figure this way I can set the infant seat down, buckle in the 2 year old, climb in and set the infant seat in the back, then help the oldest if she needs it.

When the oldest is able to buckle herself it would certainly be easier to put her in the way back, and maybe when she's a bit older I can make it seem fun to sit alone?

I won't be able to hand stuff to the infant if she's in the way back, and I don't think my oldest will be able to either (she will be directly in front of the baby). Maybe I should convince the oldest to sit in the way back now?