We're in the market for a harnessed booster that will initially go in a babysitter's car this summer (Subaru Legacy 2013) and then in my husband's car (Subaru Impreza 2013; replacing the reviled Maxi Cosi Pria). My priorities are that it is easy to install (babysitter will likely be taking it out fairly frequently), narrow (will likely end up in my CRV 2013 3-across if we have a 3rd because our Britax Pioneer is likely too wide), and doesn't break the bank. I have my eyes set on the Graco Tranzitions but want to make sure I'm not missing a good seat.

We also have a:
Diono Radian R100 (currently RF in CRV)
Britax Pioneer (FF in CRV)
Maxi Cosi Pria (FF in Impreza--blech)
Graco Nautilus (or something similar, FF in Impreza)