Hi ladies, would love some advice from the experienced charters out there. I am pregnant the cycle immediately following a miscarriage (my second in 5 months), and I'm worried about my temps not rising enough. I do think my coverline is a little artificially high because of the m/c, but it seems like the numbers should be climbing up to 98.5+ range, but instead they're hovering lower. I was terrified the day it dipped below the coverline. However, my betas were normal and my progesterone level, according to my OB, is "through the roof". But I'm scared that my temps were higher last week than now.

Would you be worried? And, did you stop charting after confirming your pregnancy? I guess the bigger question here is: when to stop micro-managing when you are a type-A, freaked-out train wreck? Tell me what you did!