I was wondering if anyone had experience with both of these strollers and had a preference for either.
I currently have the Bravo, but I find it hard to push with one hand and rather bulky when folded up. I know the Mini and Mini GT are super popular and takes care of my two main complains about the Bravo. But on the downside it has a much smaller basket and no parent tray, though I'm ok with buying accessories. It also seems that the City can't stand on it's own when folded, do you find that to be a problem? I can't think of when I've ever been out and needed to fold my stroller and keep it upright, but my son is only 9mo, so we haven't had a TON of experience being out and about yet.

My husband doesn't really think I should spend more on another stroller since we have a perfectly fine one according to him, and I do kind of agree if it's not going to be significantly better. Opinions? Do you think the Mini GT worth buying if I have the Bravo? It's currently on sale at Albee for only $200, so while it's not going to break the bank, I hate to waste money on another stroller if it's not worth it.

I'm only currently looking at this one cause I cant justify spending much more even if they are better. And if it matters, we have the 3D lite too, but I don't really like it cause the canopy is pretty useless imo.

And the regular City Mini is about $150, but I think the GT is worth the extra $50 over the Mini? Has anyone had or used both?