I'm nervous to post this question for fear of getting flamed by pro-BF'ers, so please I'm not asking whether breastfeeding is best or not.

I originally started out planning to breastfeed through maternity leave, then 8 weeks, 6 weeks, then well I'll just pump. Finally I decided I don't want to do it if I only am committed for the period that will be the hardest part of BF. I have zero desire to do it though, so my gusto to succeed is very low - and only for fear of society pressure and judgement if I don't try.

Did anyone decide not to BF before giving birth? I've searched high and low online, and I feel at peace with the idea of formula feeding if that's what I want to do, but I can't find one personal story of a person who didn't at least attempt to BF, start as BF'ing, or feel immense agony that they couldn't BF. I guess I'm just wanting to know if I'm all alone or not as a decently educated woman who has done her research and still can't convince herself to breastfeed.