People always talk about feeling like their family is "complete," and I feel conflicted because we were supposed to be done with 2, but I am slightly struggling to come to terms with it. DH got a vasectomy with DD was only 4 months old, and he has told me time and time again that he would have never changed his mind about a third. In the tiny baby phase, I went along with it. DH has always wanted 2 while I wanted 3 and he feels like our family is complete and what he always envisioned while I am...not so sure. Maybe it's the romanticized vision of having three never mind the logistics of our personalities, jobs, childcare, etc.
Anyone else feel this way? Conflicted and not feeling complete, but having to accept it any way?

I also want to add that I know I am ridiculously blessed. The road to these kids wasn't easy, but they are here and I am so blessed for it.