I work for a mid-size startup (non-tech) with a young professional workforce in a major urban city. Despite being a a year old we have little in terms of paternal leave policy largley because there aren't a lot of people in the office around the child bearing stage of life. We do have formal guidlines around the length of leave (9 weeks paid, with the option to use an annual allowance of 2 weeks vacaction, 1 week sick time for a total of 12 weeks paid for the primary care giver and 2 weeks paid for the secondary care giver). I am (a non-HR person) in charge of creating more specific guidlines and benefits for parental leave. I was hoping to crowd source some best practices around parental leave. If you had a good experience what helped and what should we avoid? Obviously more leave is something to push for, but I am namely looking for suggestions outside of just increasing paid time off. Even little things. Anything anecdotal helps as well!