So, my lo is due in May and my parents are very excited to be grandparents. This one is their first grandchild so everything is new. My mom will be providing child care somewhat frequently, and I am having some conflict with her as far as crib safety(among other things). She pulled the crib she used for me 27 years ago and says "it's in perfect condition I'm going to set it up for the baby so she has a crib/room at my house" she has proceeded to buy a whole bedding set and nursery decor for the room at her house. While I know she means well, the crib could not possibly meet safety standards, is drop side and according to standards cribs past 10 years shouldn't even be considered. I expressed to her from the beginning and have mentioned that I didn't want her to use it several times, but every time I mention it she gets offended and says, "do you really think I'd do something to hurt my grand baby?"We are very fortunate to have my mom for childcare and are really going to depend on her, but i do not want my baby in that crib! I got a crib safety brochure for her to look at next time I see her, so we'll see how that goes. Has anyone else experienced this situation or a similar one with lo's grandparents? How did/would you handle?