So I posted yesterday about wanting to break the nursing to sleep habit, in hopes that it would help with better naps, and better night time sleep (she was waking up 45-60 mins after being put down).

Today I tried a slow approach... I still nursed her right before putting her down, but I woke her up a bit before putting her in her crib. I decided to stay in the room until she fell asleep, to soothe her, but not pick her up. For nap #1 she let out a few cries but was asleep within a minute or two. She napped for 50 mins. For nap #2 she fussed longer, getting pretty upset, but then calming down around 14 mins when I started singing to her... she was asleep at the 20 min mark and is still sleeping, 40 mins later. This is a HUGE improvement!

I am hoping these aren't flukes and things *might* get a bit better for us on the nap front... (naps were typically 30 mins, with the occasional 45 min or 10 min one thrown in for good measure).