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Dec POAS 6 months+ TTC

  1. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @Tionn3: On to cycle TWENTY. Seriously WTF!!! One more cycle til Clomid.

  2. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @bizwitch: =[ so sorry. Let it out, it's okay to be pissed as fuck. I hope the Clomid works for you

    I started my period this morning =/ blegh, all I want to do is be at home in bed...watching Outlander...I end up being such a fan girl when I have to cope with real life difficulties...last time Twilight was my coping mechanism...I guess Outlander is slightly less embarrassing.

  3. MaryM

    pomelo / 5129 posts

    I was pretty sure I'd have delayed ovulation this cycle because of my surgery (I did), but since I confirmed it this week, I looked ahead to see when AF might start.

    Christmas Eve. That should just make the holidays lovely.

    (not that I'll be upset over not being pregnant since we haven't had sex since before the surgery, but just because I get terribly moody at the beginning of my cycle)

    I'm on added estrogen post peak this cycle. Dear God I hope it helps!

  4. Bibliolove

    kiwi / 526 posts

    I'm just hanging in there until my RE appt. We are on cycle 17, so I think it's time. I'm still trying of course, but at this point I think science will have to take over what biology is not doing for us.

    AF is due Dec 26th for me this month! I haven't been getting positive opks in awhile now, not too hopeful about this cycle.

  5. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Revel: how's your testing going?

    @Bibliolove: When do you start with the RE?

    I have my SHG today and DH has his SA tomorrow. I'm hoping I won't O until friday (or later) to give him some time to recover from it.

  6. Revel

    pear / 1563 posts

    @Banana330: thanks for checking up on me. I've been following your posts. I had my initial consult and scheduled SA for my husband - was waiting for my period to start to schedule the HSG - I have 35+ day cycles - but I actually got a light positive pg test today on 10/11 dpo. Cautiously optimistic....

  7. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @Revel: Fingers crossed for you!!!

  8. Revel

    pear / 1563 posts

    @bizwitch: thanks! I didn't mean to do a drive by on this thread as I know how that feels, but didn't feel right to not be honest about my situation. Pulling for all of you.

  9. Bibliolove

    kiwi / 526 posts

    @Banana330: it is this week! I'm not expecting much from the initial consult, but we at least can get the ball rolling. I expect to do a tube check as well. I already did CD 3 bloodwork and a SA previously this year.

  10. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Revel: oh wow congrats!

  11. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Bibliolove: that's exciting. It's just nice to get things moving.

  12. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    So SHG was good.. tubes looked clear no abnormalities. I'm getting tons of EWCM now too... Whew.. that's most of my testing done! just waiting on AMH results and monitoring until O.

  13. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    @Banana330: That's great news!!

    As for me, AF is due on Christmas. Currently in the tww. Contrary to what I initially said, I will test on Christmas Eve because there will be lots of wine over the holidays and I figured better to be safe!

  14. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    @Revel: congrats!!

  15. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Mrs. K: either way you'll be happy or can drink!

  16. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    @Banana330: lol totally true! My sister owns a wine and cheese bar and is planning on closing shop for just friends and family on Christmas Eve so it will be a nice way to get over a BFN!

  17. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Mrs. K: that sounds like my dream xmas eve!

  18. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    So DH is doing his SA today.. I just got the call that my LH was 17.. so likely surge tonight/tomorrow.. I'm not sure he'll be up for a second round in a day.. maybe tomorrow morning... Also they said my lining looked good which is a bit of a relief since I tend to have light-ish periods so I was worried that might be an issue. All that's left is to BD and its now up to us.

  19. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    I just got home from my work and my husband is like " I just got home from hot yoga" WTF?! Seriously?! I wanted to throw a glass at him. He knows we've been having trouble, why the fuck would you go bake your balls in a hot yoga class. UGH I'm so mad at him!

  20. Babybeeforme

    pea / 17 posts

    @Banana330: sorry to jump in here, but I was lurking since next cycle is #6 for us. You mentioned your lining was good, and you were worried because your periods are light-ish. Do you mind me asking how light they are? If it's TMI, no worries!!

    Some background: a couple of years ago, my periods started to change. Now they're super light (two days tops!). When I saw my OB, I expressed my concerns but she didn't seem too worried. She said so long as they're regular (which they are), I'm good.

    I've been reading online that light periods could mean low estrogen which could mean thin lining. I have an appointment with my OB next month to start on tests, but I wanted to ask just in case.

  21. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    @Tionn3: hun I'm so sorry that is totally annoying especially when it feels like you're doing everything to set your body up to conceive and then he does something like that. It's like- HELLO! I have to admit, the way you wrote the post did make me lol but I get ya

  22. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Tionn3: I know you are mad but I laughed out loud at bake your balls!

    @Babybeeforme: no not at all. Mine are two-ish days usually regular tampons and few days of really light spotting after. They said the lining looked great and was perfect for a baby. So I guess they are right and light periods do not mean crappy lining!

  23. Bibliolove

    kiwi / 526 posts

    Hello all! I wanted to do an update. Upon reviewing it, our RE said our SA actually was low-normal, and motility was baseline normal. So we are retesting. I look good so far though. They checked my anatomy and could see where I ovulated, so yay. My opks have been crap then, because I have not been able to pick up a surge. I might move to the more expensive brand. My lining was thin, which I knew it would be, but we also weren't at the best time in my cycle to check.

    A lot depends on this next SA. We also have a tube check. Onward and forward....

  24. Babybeeforme

    pea / 17 posts

    @Banana330: thank you so much! It sounds like our periods are similar. I just need to stop worrying until I know definitively there's something to worry about! Good luck to you!!!

  25. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @Bibliolove: I never get positive OPKs either. I've all but given up on charting, we're taking the "have lots of sex" approach instead.

  26. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Bibliolove: Are they monitoring your for ovulation this cycle? I had daily ultrasounds and blood work until they were sure my LH surge was happening. It did align with my OPK's. I do find I my surge is best tested around 10 am not in the afternoons! Good luck with the SA redo!

  27. Bibliolove

    kiwi / 526 posts

    @bizwitch: that is probably going to be our approach (kind of already is). I get too stressed sometimes with opks.

  28. Bibliolove

    kiwi / 526 posts

    @Banana330: she didn't mention anything like that. I think if we do treatments she would. She seems to think since I'm getting regular periods, all is well (and bloodwork is fine).

  29. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Bibliolove: I guess they all do it differently. It was a pain, but helpful for them to see that the process was working ok. Good news on the bloodwork etc.

  30. Bibliolove

    kiwi / 526 posts

    @Banana330: yeah, I don't think there is much standardization among REs it seems like. For treatment or diagnostics or lab values. I guess that is how medicine works though, both a science and an art. Good luck to you too!

  31. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @Mrs. K: @Banana330: It's pretty funny now that I read it back. I took my rage out by hitting him with a couple bed pillows. It actually helped a lot and I think he oddly had fun being in a pillow fight. =P

  32. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    @Tionn3: Bahaha!! Tell him he can go to hot yoga if he wants but he will have to put in a couple ice packs to protect the goods lol

    Currently in the tww and bought my frer... official POAS date is Christmas Eve. Trying not to symptom spot but it's impossible. So far I've manged to not google any symptoms so that's a big improvement compared to months past!

  33. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    So I'm 12 dpo and peed on an FRER only to get a big fat disappointing negative. Ugh.. no words. I had to hold back some tears when DH was clearly sad too and said "it's not fair why is it so easy for everyone else?" He also offered to get a SA. I think the plan is to get everything checked out once the new insurance kicks in. Trying hard to stay positive.... this process can be so defeating

  34. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @Mrs. K: Ugh I'm so sorry! I know exactly how you feel =[ It always seems like everyone else get can get pregnant so much easier. I will say that sometimes it can be deceiving because no one is really open about how long it takes. I was definitely surprised by a friend that told me it took over 1 year to get pregnant, then had a miscarriage, and then it took another couple of months to get pregnant again, for a total of over a year to have a viable pregnancy.

    I really believe our time will come. It's also really good that your husband is willing to get a SA. Sounds like he is totally with you on this journey.

    Try to be kind to yourself. Do something you like to take your mind off of it and I hope you have a nice holiday break.

  35. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    @Tionn3: thank you I couldn't help but look at the darn frer 3 times after I had already thrown it into the trash hoping by some miracle that I'd see another line lol all I can do is laugh at myself and try to keep a sense of humor through this! Ughhhhh... you're probably right about how long it truly takes people to successfully conceive. I wish more of those people would speak up so we would have a more realistic idea instead of thinking everyone gets KU in 3-5 months.

    Well I decided to call and make an appointment for early next month to get everything checked out. They asked if I wanted to attend a class on conception before making the appointment and I wanted to say "honey, I can probably teach that class at this point!" I know I'm jumping the gun a bit on how early we are still in the game but this gives me some peace of mind instead of constantly wondering if something is up and we are delaying just finding out.

    Does anyone know the stats on how long it takes to get pregnant with properly timed BD? I have seen stats many times but I never know if thy apply to people who are actually timing things.

    Happy holidays to everyone! Cheers from California!

  36. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Mrs. K: sorry about the BFN. They are never easy. I always take second (and third) looks at my tests. Good luck with testing.

  37. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    @Banana330: thank you makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one.

  38. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @Mrs. K: I think the stats are like 85% after a year, and I guess with timed intercourse it is 92% after a year. This is for couples that are healthy (regular cycles, etc) with no known issues.

  39. Mrs. K

    apricot / 308 posts

    Af is officially here and I'm determined to make the most out of this holiday weekend! Happy holidays ladies and we shall continue forth in the new year together!

  40. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    @Mrs. K: Boo! Meery Christmas and enjoy a drink!


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