I've always worried about LO's "language skills". At 21 months, he understands two languages (Cantonese and English), he has a handful of words (maybe 50+? There maybe more, but I am counting only the ones I've heard repeatedly) mixed in 2 languages. Can do very simple 2-word association (bye bye daddy, red car), and does not pronounce a lot of the words right. (eg. Car = gar). Sometimes you know he's trying to mimick, but it sounds quite off. He still can't say his name, while other kids in his same class (same age) are calling his name. Also other kids of the same age are doing 3-word sentences, identifying colors and shapes, counting, and basically, just talking more than babbling.

So far most people we talked to aren't concerned, including his daycare teachers, pediatrician, and ENT specialist (at 18 months). I have decided not to worry about it until he turns 2.

Husband made a good point - all kids end up talking anyway. Which is true. Personally I have not met someone who ended up not being able to talk because they had a language delay? On the contrary, there are always these stories about so-and-so's kid couldn't talk until he was 3, and he turned out OK...etc. and they never went into therapy!

This actually makes me wonder, what is the worst that can happen if a child has language delay? What would happen if they didn't go to therapy / early intervention when they fell behind by 2 years?