Ugh, my husband is driving me crazy! Long story short, on days when my parents watch our LO, I drive him to the train because we only have one car. Despite the fact that the bus stop is literally 1/2 block from our house and goes *right* to the train station. He just says he hates the bus. And the train station is the exact opposite from my work, so it's like 15-ish minutes out of my way. And I've tried to explain to him (multiple times) that, because I'm a teacher, even having 15 minutes before my staff come is a huge help to me in terms of having the day start off more organized and calm.
And yet he still acts like it's no big deal that I'm driving him and never offers to take the bus even when, like this morning, I say that I really have a lot to do and need to get to work as early as possible. It's baffling. I know I could just say no, but what I really want is for him to say, I know your day would start off more easily if you go right to work, so I'll take the bus today. Is that too much to ask?
Plus then he just called to ask me to run an errand on my way home that he could easily do himself. Ugh.