OMG, you guys, I just need to vent. I just had a patient's family member ream me out and tell me that I don't care about her father! I am so mad! I have literally spent the last 6 hours doing NOTHING but working on her father's case, trying everything I can to get him into their first-choice nursing home. Only to have it not work out and the daughter to tell me that I don't care and therefore didn't try hard enough! I have 36 other patients on my floor that I have completely ignored all day long because I was busting my ass trying to make this happen for her father! If I didn't care, I would have taken the first "no" and told her that was it. Instead, I made multiple phone calls and advocated like crazy for this patient. I am a social worker, it is in my blood to care! How dare she tell me I don't care! Ooooh, I'm so mad!