I'm about a week and a half out from my 36 week appointment and my doctor mentioned that they start cervical checks at 36 weeks. This is baby #3 for me and I've never declined cervical checks with my prior two pregnancies but I've read that they can cause your water to break sooner. With my first, my water broke at 37+6 and with my second I had a small leak in my amniotic fluid at 38 weeks even. I'm wondering if it would be smart for me to decline cervical checks. With my first, they showed that I was barely dilated until I gave birth and with my second I was very much dilated/effaced and they told me at the 36 week appointment that I should be prepared to go early (my amniotic leak ended up not being detectable until my fluid became low in the 39th week and I was inducted at 39+6). I also recall having spotting after the checks. Clearly, the checks didn't really tell me much. I'm just curious if other people have declined cervical checks or whether in other people's experience there is much value to having them.