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Did you have a high risk pregnancy?

  • poll: Which of your pregnancies were considered high risk?
    I've never had a high risk pregnancy : (40 votes)
    28 %
    I've had a high risk pregnancy and it was my.... : (46 votes)
    32 %
    First : (31 votes)
    21 %
    Second : (21 votes)
    14 %
    Third : (6 votes)
    4 %
    Fourth : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Fifth : (0 votes)
    Sixth : (0 votes)
  1. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    My first was. I had a number of bleeding incidents and I had preterm contractions starting at 26 weeks. But she stayed in until 40+1 and was perfectly healthy. LO2 gave me blood pressure issues at 36 weeks so I got put on bedrest. But my water broke 9 days later so the bedrest didn't last long. He was born small and lost 12% of body weight . He's only 11 days old so we're still working on fattening him up.

  2. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    I didn't have a high risk pregnancy for either but my second delivery was slightly high risk because I was a vbac.

  3. auggiefrog

    kiwi / 631 posts

    My current pregnancy is high risk due to poor test results. I'm being monitored to make sure the baby is getting what it needs from my placenta. There also might be a VBC issue with the babies heart that we are currently checking out. I never thought I would be getting so many ultrasounds.

  4. Trailmix

    nectarine / 2152 posts

    High risk for numerous reasons. It was a twin pregnancy, we needed assistance to get pregnant, and some other issues early on. So.many.doctor.appointments!


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