I know some think 3 months is too young to sleep train... And I'm still on the fence, but I am at a loss.

In the early days, she was a horrible napper, always crying & fighting sleep from the beginning. Then when she was about 8 weeks we figured out she would nap beautifully in the swing so we have been doing that religiously until now. She's 14 weeks & now will cry for 10 minutes when we put her in the swing before falling asleep, but only sleeps 20-30 minutes. Then she will only sleep on the boob - not nursing, just with my boob in her mouth. If I move she cries, and no, she won't take a pacifier.

Obviously we can't keep this up. We made the move from the RnP to the crib for nighttime so I'm thinking we should just go to the crib for naps too, but I know it's going to be a battle, and I'm afraid she'll never learn to sleep there without some CIO. I already will let her cry for up to 10 minutes but she is very willing to hold out longer than that.

Anyway, if you have been there done that, please share your experience!