One of my zen strategies for not letting people get to me is to do nice things for them.

For example, I used to have a coworker (at a previous school) that really, really annoyed me for multiple reasons. She was the teacher in the next class, and was on my teaching team, so I couldn't avoid her.

SO I started doing nice things for her. Like, she would mention that she was about to start a unit on the Renaissance, and I would email her my lessons on that topic, or if I made brownies or cookies at home, I would wrap some up and bring them to her.

My mom does this. I'm not going to say it works for me 100%, but somehow it makes me dislike a person less. Which...zen principles aside, also benefits me because disliking someone takes energy and makes me feel angry.

Anyone else ever try this technique? Does it work for you? Is it hard to do nice things for people you don't like?