Let me say first that I like fruit just as much as the next person, and DH and I eat it at home after dinner more nights than not. We only have an actual "dessert" (ie baked good or something "bad" ) about once a week...ish.

But say, if you go to someone's house to eat or something, and they say "Oh let's bring out the dessert!" Are you disappointed when "dessert" turns out to be fruit? I'm not talking a fruit tart, or berry crumble or something, but just straight up fruit. Either fruit salad or just like, pieces of fruit.

I do. In my mind I"m like ("What!? Oh hell no.")

Now if they had said in the beginning, "Let's bring out the fruit salad!" I'd be all "Oh cool, fruit salad."

But "dessert" implies something else. At least in my mind.

I know this is dumb but I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way.