Do you think there's a relationship between exercise and the lightness/severity of pregnancy symptoms?

I've been working out with a trainer for the last year, so I'm in a lot more in shape this time around than when I was before getting pregnant with lo (not that I'm in that great of shape--it's all relative, lol!). It's still SUPER early but I haven't started really having rough symptoms yet, whereas with lo basically the second I got a bfp I felt like I had the flu and was barely able to function for the first trimester and threw up all. the. time. So that makes me wonder. My trainer keeps saying that this will be an easier pregnancy since I'm in better shape, but I kind of don't believe him since he just wants me to buy more sessions Plus, it's a different pregnancy so I could just have totally different symptoms.

What do you think? If you exercise regularly, do you think it has/had an effect on morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms? Or did you still feel terrible, haha?