did anyone get the down syndrome testing? they called it an ultrascreen. we just got one today. they literally took pictures of every part of the babies' bodies: hands, feet, back, head, neck... it's a 3-step testing - 12 weeks ultrasound + prick of the finger (which hurt like heck!) and then another blood test at 16 weeks.

i'll get my results after week 16... they said so far everything looks good because the "thickness of the necks" looked good.

we did the testing even though we plan to keep our babies no matter what. my dr said it'll help us be more prepared if the results were positive. also, after delivery, down syndrome babies tend to have problems with breathing, etc, so doctors would be prepared and have things ready for the babies. also, we agreed since it wasn't invasive. (we're not planning to do an amnio or anything invasive).

i've heard stories where baby was abnormal. but later it was determined that it's normal. what the heck, right? i think rate of false positives is high. and that part is scary. but i already love my kids and i don't think having a down syndrome baby would stress me out.

anyone do the testing? anyone get a false positive?