My 40th birthday is in a few weeks and I'm getting a barrage of questions about what I'd like to get. Except I can't have any of the things that I love most - traveling solo, traveling in general, and fancy foodie meals with my husband. I've never been a big "stuff" person - I don't wear much jewelry (especially now, I'm basically WFH permanently and will be post-pandemic so it's athleisure and my Apple watch for pretty much ever LOL), I'm very low key on my wardrobe, I have all the tech I can ask for, so I really have nothing to offer all the well intended folks and I really don't want to be that person who just asks for money and gift cards (which I would stash for the road trip I was planning to take for my birthday and am holding off on until it's safe). So tell me what YOU would ask for for a big birthday - maybe I'll find some inspiration I hadn't considered