I'm scared to write this post because celebrating anything positive usually jinxes it in my experience.... but I just need to share this miracle!

I was so stressed when E started refusing her last nap a week and a half ago. I clung to the possibility that it was just holiday madness, but days later she was still refusing the naps.

E has always been a terrible sleeper. She was 25 months when she started STTN inconsistently and, at 29 months, she she still wakes once 2-3 nights per week. She takes 2 hours to go to sleep. She's also a terrible eater - she never eats breakfast and often eats barely anything during the course of the day.

Then, she started refusing her nap...... and suddenly she goes straight to sleep at night, sleeps all the way through and wakes up hungry! Today, she age half a bowl of porridge and half a banana all by herself! No drama! Yesterday, she ate three entire meals and snacks!! Its amazing!

I'm not sure what the point of this post is (other than to jinx it), but my mind is blown! Do you think its linked?