Last year, I was reading my daughter a children's book about the invention of ice cream, and there was a snippet about the guy who invented chocolate-covered ice cream bars on a stick. His name was "Harry Burt", which made me laugh. So I told the kids, "Hey look at me, my name is Harry Butt! I have a hairy butt!!" They were dying of laughter... and kept repeating the joke to each other the rest of the day.

The next day, my neighbor was babysitting for us... so my kids were there with my next door neighbor, her husband, and their two kids. That's when my daughter stood up and announced to everyone, "My dad has a hairy butt." Then she turned back to her toys and kept playing. No mention of ice cream, Harry Burt or my dumb joke... she just played it straight.

Anyway one week later, I moved overseas. True story.