Do any of you ladies use the nuvaring? When I was pregnant, I was 100% sold on the Mirena, cause I believed we were done after this. But given the situation now, and the time it took for my cycle to adjust, and the fact that we may not really be done with making babies after all, we want to possibly go with something that doesn't take as long to leave my system. I can't do pills...I'm terrible at them, I really am. The nuvaring seems ideal, since I only have to pay attention every few weeks.

Did any of you use the nuvaring and then get ku after stopping? How long did it take for your body to adjust?

I'll be 32 this year, and dh 33, so we feel like if we're gonna try one more time for a baby, it'll have to be sooner than later...but not til later this year. If for some reason we change our minds and decide we're done, then I'll switch to Mirena, but in the meantime we feel like we'd need something more short-term.