I know what the comments will say...”Just politely decline”. I know that’s there right thing to do. But for some reason this happens all the time and it makes me so annoyed. Please talk me down and tell me I’m being overly sensitive...

DH’s aunt emails me: Carters is having a sale. Does your LO need PJs? Or anything else?

Idk why this drives me crazy. I don’t want it to, but it does.
1) I’m super picky about boy clothes. No characters, words, crazy patterns etc. So if someone buys him clothes it’s almost never worn because what most people find cute, I find annoying and stereotypical.

2) This is not my family member. So I’m in the awkward position of declining. She’s super close to DH so idk why she only emails me about this.

3) If I decline, it makes me look like I’m unappreciative. She’s willing to buy anything...but I just dont want anything. She has lots of money and lots of her own grandkids to buy for.

My MIL does the same thing to me constantly. I always politely say no thanks, but she usually buys it anyways. So I get frustrated because I’m always declining these “nice offers.” I can buy clothes for my kid. I don’t get why they don’t take the hint...