Okay, so Bees who worked out during pregnancy, I have some questions!

-How hard were your workouts? Did you do them till the end?
-What exactly did you do for workouts?
-did you really follow the heart rate rules I've read online (not above 140) or did you just make sure you weren't overdoing it?
-how often did you go?
-how long was each workout session?

I ask because...I *just* started getting back into working out, and I'm at 24 weeks on Thursday. Until week 17, I was just too sick, and even after week 17, my nausea wasn't totally gone, so working out has been a no-go up until the last couple of weeks.

My doctor never told me any heart rate rules, but I keep reading online that 140 is the magical number. The machine in my gym (I've heard the monitors ON the machine aren't that accurate) says my heartrate is about 150 even when I'm just doing level 1 on the elliptical and I don't feel like I'm working hard AT ALL.

Pre-pregnancy, for cardio I would usually do the elliptical at a level 8-9 for about 40 minutes, then go do weights. Sometimes I would do the bike, but I never do the treadmill because I have ankle issues and the treadmill (even walking) is too high-impact for my messed up ankles.

So now, I tend to do the elliptical for about 30 minutes at a level 5. My heart rate is definitely higher than 140, but I'm never panting (can always just breathe through my nose) and I don't feel like I'm overdoing it. I sometimes do the weight machines afterwards, and just don't do any ab exercises.

Does this sound reasonable? Sometimes my husband goes and thinks I'm doing too much, but I think 30 minutes on a level 5 on the elliptical is easy-peasy compared to what I used to do.

Thoughts? Suggestions?